RE2 Robotics

RE2 Robotics is a leading developer of intelligent mobile manipulation systems. Our company is committed to creating manipulator arms with human-like performance, intuitive robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy capabilities for use in any environment. Our robotic arms, called RE2 Sapien™, have the ability to see, learn, and interact via our autonomy modules – RE2 Detect™ and RE2 Intellect™. Utilizing computer vision and machine learning, our innovative robotic systems can operate with humans in the loop or autonomously depending upon the application. Why choose RE2 technology? Our team has been developing robotic solutions to complex problems for almost 20 years. Our robotic manipulators are power-dense, power-efficient, and reliable even in the most challenging environments. Interested in learning more about our technology? Value Our People + Empower Our Team + Innovate Through Robotics = Impact the World Our company’s Guiding Principles shape everything we do, from hiring, benefits, and professional development to project selection, partnerships, and product management. At RE2, we value our people, empower our teams, innovate through robotics, and strive to always make a positive impact on our world. These principles are built on a foundation of our Core Values of Trust, Respect, Integrity, and Positivity. We know that if we take care of our people, everything else will fall into place.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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