Software Engineering Manager

Job Description

Consistently named one of the top D.C. start-ups to watch since 2016, Quorum is software built for public affairs. Thousands of public affairs professionals use Quorum for their work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, and the European Union. Quorum works with organizations like Coca-Cola, the United Nations Foundation, Sierra Club, General Motors, and Lyft.

As a high-growth start-up, all our software engineering managers are both coaches and players. This means that in addition to serving as an software engineering manager for your team, you will be expected to write some code, design systems, manage projects, and generally serve as a more senior engineer to guide more junior engineers on projects.

About You

  • You have three or more years of experience as a software engineer at a company or a team that builds software products for end users
  • You care deeply about code, code quality, software architecture, and building maintainable systems
  • You have a strong track record of designing, implementing, and scaling complex technical projects
  • You are a strong coach that regularly supports other engineers’ career growth and development 
  • You believe that engineering management is a different but equal function to software engineering and you’re excited about tackling the day-to-day challenges of motivating, managing, and supporting engineers
  • You’re an active learner and enjoy both teaching and learning. You want to build your own skills (both technical and managerial) over time and want to build up the skills of those around you.
  • You’re able and willing to get down into the details of technical systems and know how to find the balance between delegating tasks to your team and picking up tasks yourself when it’s required for the success of the team
  • You’re excited about helping Quorum to build diverse and inclusive teams and are particularly excited about helping to build the careers of people that come from atypical or disadvantaged backgrounds in tech
  • You’ll really stand out if you have one or more years of experience managing three or more engineers, but you do not need to have previously managed to succeed in this role

About the Software Development Team

  • We’re a fast-growing team that is dedicated to improving our people, processes, and platform. The 20-person overall team is comprised of the Backend software engineer team, two full-stack software engineering teams, the Product Management team, and our Product Design team.
  • We support many different products but internally think of them as one system with a single unified codebase. Our goal is to build centralized systems that handle complex problems for multiple features and products.
  • We’re focused on doing the important things the right way -- we write solid documentation, test our code well, design for scale, and follow defined software development processes.
  • We follow best-in-class security practices to safeguard our data and application against bad actors. We regularly test and update processes and technology to fight complacency, because we know good security is a continuous effort.
  • We curate high-quality datasets that are essential for effective mapping and tracking of the government and public affairs spaces. Our datasets underpin our promise to give users the information necessary to make smart decisions that influence policy.
  • We set rigorous quality standards and monitor them with a mix of programmatic and manual verifications to ensure users maintain a high degree of trust in our systems.
  • We’re very close as a team and invest not only in each others’ skills and careers but also in building real relationships with one another: product development is a team sport and we believe that it’s better (and more fun) to work on a team of people that you know well and care about.

What You'll Do

  • First Week: You’ll dive into learning about Quorum’s products, platform, and people.
  • First Month: You’ll start working with your team on their existing projects and review our existing systems to find opportunities for improvement.
  • First Six Months: You’ll implement new processes for your team and lead the design and implementation of several major projects. You’ll develop your team members’ skills through coaching and development and help them build new skills.
  • First Year: You will evaluate the talent pipeline and apply a combination of coaching and recruiting to build a team that can achieve multiple business objectives while maintaining high technical quality standards. By setting a vision, establishing better processes, and enabling your team to use those processes to achieve success, you will play an important role in growing a start-up and establishing Quorum as a market leader in Washington, DC.

Our Work Environment

  • We usually work in a vibrant, sunlit space in our modern, open concept office. During the COVID-19 health crisis, most of our team members are working from home in locations around the world. Team members will have the option to work from home until at least January 31, 2020. Those that feel safe re-entering the office earlier can apply to be part of a pilot re-entry program.
  • Our office building is located in the heart of downtown DC, easily accessible by metro, bus, and rideshares. It is also in close proximity to great restaurants, food trucks, shopping, and popular happy hour spots
  • Our team loves to spend time doing fun things outside of the office, which we call Quorum Fun events. Past Quorum Fun events have included apple picking, yoga, and wine tasting

Do you want to learn what it's like to have a real impact at a fast-growing company that is changing the way the advocacy process works? If so, drop us a line. We'd love to talk to you!

Compensation Structure

  • Base Salary: $124,000.00–$160,000.00 (commensurate with experience) + Signing Bonus
  • Benefits: Stock options, 401(k) match, trans-inclusive health benefits, 12-weeks paid maternity/paternity/adoption/fostering leave, unlimited PTO, and more.


Washington D.C., DC, USA